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Who We Are

Distinguished Men of Color(DMC) is a student-founded and student-led organization at Middlebury College. Our primary goal is to help the college support and sustain Men of Color on campus. We also collaborate on projects with every aspects of Middlebury’s community to benefit the community. Our group is all inclusive, and is open to people of all colors, creeds, genders, and ability; our only requirements are dedication and a willingness to focus all efforts on help men of color at Midd.

Since our re-founding 3 years ago, DMC has established itself as a group without borders and with boundless potential. We have coordinated community friends events to mentor non-white children in Middlebury’s community; supported petitions for immigrant law reform through art exhibitions; host an annual cook out, free concert, and basketball tournament; coordinated a student-run retreat to help freshmen adjust to Middlebury’s environment; and we host numerous conversations on race, diversity, gender, and economic disparities. This list only names a few of the projects DMC has undertaken.

We will to continue to provide and outlet for self-identified Men of Color on campus to express their views and find support. Most of all, we will strive to provide a support system and safety net for men of color in this community.

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DMC Constitution Highlights

Constitution for Distinguished Men of Color (DMC)

Article I

            The name of the organization is Distinguished Men of Color.

Article II


A.     Promote intercultural awareness/understanding, and a sense of community for men of color and groups of color on campus.

B.      DMC serves as a support for all men of color with a focus towards incoming first-years of color for which living and learning in a community like Middlebury is a new experience.

C.      DMC will take a leadership role in fostering a sense of community among students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds, including other cultural and diversity student organizations through programming and events.

D.    To reinforce and collaborate with alumni and intercollegiate networks and members of the Middlebury community in an effort to create resources for men of color on campus.

E.     Promote critical discourse about the experiences of men of color at Middlebury and/or predominantly White institutions.

F.      Building on the spirit of the students who founded DMC and the historical legacy of a strong commitment to diversity and community, we strive to bridge the experiential education of students of all backgrounds.

Article III

            Membership is open to all Middlebury students regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity, ability, socio-economic status, religion, politics, and nationality. Active members are determined by the level of participation within the organization and at meetings, the sharing of ideas, and promoting the mission and purpose of DMC.

Article IV

            Officers: Must be Middlebury College students

A.    Two (2) Co-Chairmen: conduct meetings, serve as liaisons between DMC. Middlebury College

B.     Treasurer: tracks and maintains DMC budget and serves as liaison to the Finance Committee

C.     Secretary will take notes at all meetings, regularly track the DMC email account and respond as necessary, and disseminate information to the board and the members as appropriate

D.    Three (3) event coordinators to include a Marketing and Publicity Coordinator

E.     Liaison to the Intercultural Student Leaders Council (ISLC): attend monthly ISLC meetings and share information between DMC and ISLC

Article X

            Discrimination Policy:

This student organization operates in full accordance with Chapter Four, Section II, A of the Middlebury College Handbook concerning Student Organization Policies of Discrimination, Freedom of Association, Anti-Hazing, Freedom of Inquiry and Expression, Student Publication, Funding, Advertising, and Scheduling.  Any and all changes made to the Student Organizations Policies section of the Middlebury College Handbook will immediately become policies adopted by Distinguished Men of Color (DMC).

Article XI


A.    The constitution must be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the membership.

B.     The constitution must be approved by the Student Government Constitution Committee.

Article XII


A.    The constitution must be amended by a two-thirds majority of the membership.

B.     The constitution must be approved by the Student Government Constitution Committee.

Re-ratified on March 14, 2009

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What is DMC?

Distinguished Men of Color 
Who are we? 
Distinguished Men of Color is a group of men and women of all shades, creeds, and places dedicated to supporting, mentoring, and helping the campus retain Men of Color. Our group…:

·     Blends Political/Social Justice action with Cultural initiatives

Our mission: to make Middlebury an environment where men of color can flourish.

Who can be a DMC?

·      We are open to everyone regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity

·     if you’re interested in issues affecting Men or People of Color in campus or in higher education DMC has a spot for you

·     Those with interest in Equality, Ethics, Social Justice, Diversity issues, anti-Racism work, Race in Higher Education.

What does Man of Color mean? 
"The term People of Color emerged in reaction to the terms "non-White" and "minority." … The term People of Color attempts to counter the condescension implied in the other two.""

·     A Man of Color is a self-identified male from a non-white/non-traditional background.

·     The term is meant to be all inclusive of non-White groups in the U.S.

How are we “distinguished”? 
We’re distinguished by our actions. DMC has over the past 2 ½ years… 

·     hosts an annual 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament and Block Party with a concert and cookout

·     hosted a student-led Retreat help incoming freshman adjust to Midd

·     petitioned the campus administration to support the D.R.E.A.M. Act

·     facilitated discussions on race and ethnicity on campus by inviting up Poets, immigration lawyers and political theorists to campus.

Want to learn more? 
Come to our next general board meeting, Tuesday, February 22nd at 7PM in the LaForce TV Lounge or contact us by email a
DMC@middlebury.edu We’d love to see you!

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